As we discussed in our sixth module, grammar is sometimes conditional. In other words, what might be considered appropriate grammar and language for one scenario will not be effective or even acceptable in another. This ability to alter between various languages, dialects, and/or grammars, depending on the situation, is known as code-switching. In order to explore the concept of code-switching further, read the NPR article “How Code-Switching Explains The World” and respond to the questions below.<
What are some of the reasons why people might find themselves code-switching? Be specific, providing a particular example from the article in order to help you reinforce your claim.<
What are the benefits of adopting a variety of languages and/or voices for different scenarios? How might this help someone to better navigate the world and/or various social situations?<
Are there any drawbacks to the phenomenon of code-switching? In other words, could people experience prejudice and/or other obstacles by displaying this adaptation?<
Lastly, describe a scenario that required (or still requires) you to code-switch. Why do you find it necessary to code-switch for this particular scenario? Have you ever experienced any problems and/or difficulties because of this?

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