Two pages in MLA format (about 500 words) Focus on Langdon Winner’s “Mythinform

Two pages in MLA format (about 500 words) Focus on Langdon Winner’s “Mythinformation.” Writing prompt:
1. Select a focus,
2. analyze Winner’s concerns, and
3. respond/update
1. Select a general area of concern from the following list:
• labor and jobs
• the overall economy
• financial institutions
• education
• politics and democratic processes
• globalism
2. Briefly introduce Winner’s text and identify his thesis or main point as it relates to your selected general area of concern. For example, if you select “labor and jobs,” then convey Winner’s claims re-garding the effects of the computer age on labor and jobs. As always, be sure to quote and accurately paraphrase as you analyze the content of Winner’s article
. 3. Respond to Winner’s concerns. Stay focused on the general area of concern that you have selected. Offer your personal insights on the subject matter. Incorporate relevant 21st century updates on the subject matter. You may have to do some study online in order to be able to define a relevant public discourse as it applies to today. The area of focus that you select from the list above will help you to determine how to define your public discourse. Reader Response #7 prepares you for the Unit Six essay”

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