This is supposed to be a synthesis essay. I tried to do one of the fallacy of wh

This is supposed to be a synthesis essay. I tried to do one of the fallacy of white privilege and the research while doing my paper changed my mind a bit, and also my proffesor said it was full of illogical fallaciesand hasty generalizations. He told me to just ZONE in on one specific topic of racism. So, I need LEFT LEANING synthesis essay about how CNN shows favoritsm towards the liberal party and minorities in general. It should talk about and give examples about how CNN blatenly doesn’t cover news that hurts the liberal agenda, and in turn, they’re VERY GOOD about covering news that hurts the conservitive agenda. The essay should also have some examples of deceit and lies and things that are just false(shouldnt be hard…CNN does it all the time)It should encorporate the opposing view also. But SMASH the opposing view while being respectful and (obviously) not being racist. If possible, include some examples of how their actions drive hate towards whites and conservatives(thats a bonus but not a must have). The essay should cite at least FOUR reputable sources. For the intro try to lead into it with how the liberal media(and agenda) is only driving racism in this country and not helping, how whites are now the people under fire, andhow theres just as much a thing of “black privilege” as white privilege. If youre liberal and are totally offended by this topic, please pass it on to one of your conservative co-writers. Thank you so much!

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