Students will be asked to create an Online Learning Resource Project that they w

Students will be asked to create an Online Learning Resource Project that they will design to help others understand/learn more about a key issue or a concept covered in this course that they think is important. Online learning resources can consist of webcomics, infographics, videos/animated presentations, and any other digitally-oriented learning resource.
Students are well-advised to begin looking for what they might be interested in teaching others about from day one of this course. This Assignment will be divided into several sections to get students working on it throughout the semester:
Identify your Research Topic: (1 point): Use class readings, newspaper articles, Wikipedia, and online encyclopedias such as Credo Reference (Links to an external site.) or Gale Ebooks (Links to an external site.) to find out basic information about your topic. This will help you brainstorm keywords.
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the country of choice
Each student will pick a country and outline the major Legal, cultural, political, and healthcare issues that women and LGBTQ+ communities faced across history, impacting their basic human rights regarding gender and sexuality intersecting race, class, ethnicity, and religion, among others.
When writing a project outline it is important to:
Explore the UN WOMEN (Links to an external site.) and INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANS AND INTERSEX ASSOCIATION (Links to an external site.) websites
Women’s Status Progress reports (Links to an external site.) in your chosen region and country.
Review the research objective of tracing women’s socioeconomic and legal status within your chosen region and country.
Conduct thorough research to understand and connect the lived experiences, historical events, and processes with concepts and theories of Women’s and Gender Studies.
Apply an innovative method of analyzing and highlighting gender and sexuality in your chosen country/society, drawing upon both primary and secondary sources.
Minimum 5 pages (not including references and cover page)
Use white 8 ½ x 11” paper.
Make 1-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides
The first word in every paragraph should be indented one-half inch.
APA recommends using Times New Roman font, size 12.
Double-space the entire research paper
Include a page header known as the “running head” at the top of every page. (To make this process easier, set your word processor to automatically add these components onto each page)
To create the running head/page header, insert page numbers justified to the right-hand side of the paper (do not put p. or pg. in front of page numbers)
Then type “TITLE OF YOUR PAPER” justified to the left using all capital letters
If your title is long, this running head title should be a shortened version of the title of your entire paper

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