Rough Draft Due: 9/29 Final Draft Due: 10/3 Paper Length: 3-4 Pages Format: Type

Rough Draft Due: 9/29
Final Draft Due: 10/3
Paper Length: 3-4 Pages
Format: Typed, Double-Spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman
Points: 150
The purpose of this assignment is to find two variants of an urban legend and examine their rhetorical and narratological differences in order to understand why their speakers chose the techniques that they used. You will be exploring how they use ethos, pathos, and logos, as well as focusing on how the speaker might be accounting for time and place (setting). You will discuss how the legend variants use two of these 2 themes: deserved comeuppance, horror, morals, friend of a friend, recurring motifs, supernatural vs. explained). Additionally, you will find one scholarly research article on your legend and use it to back up your
To decide on an urban legend, you want to do some research. Find a legend that interests you, has multiple variants, includes variants from either different cultures or different time periods, and has been researched by folklore scholars in academic journals.
Your thesis is going to discuss how the tales differ in how they use
rhetorical techniques and folklore elements, considering which one is more effective in getting their point across and convincing you. In turn, in your paper, you will discuss how convincing each legend variant is when it comes to using rhetoric and folklore themes to persuade.
Write for a knowledgeable and educated audience, such as your
classmates, that is familiar with your urban legend, but is not necessarily familiar with the different variants. What information do you need to include to convince them of your viewpoint?
Essay Organization and Development
As you draft your paper, consider the following:
 Identify your urban legend, its variants, and present your thesis (which variant is more effective)
 Evaluate how each legend variant uses rhetoric to persuade, engage, or teach
 Examine how your variants account for time and place
 Make sure you explain how each variant uses two similar themes
 Discuss Ethos, Pathos, Logos
 Include quotes from one scholarly article from JSTOR or Ebscohost to reinforce your claims
 Add direct quotes from your urban legend to reinforce your argument
 You can organize your paper by examining each variant in separate paragraphs, and then making your conclusions. Or you can discuss the themes and rhetoric for each variant in the same paragraphs, basing them on major elements.
 Critically analyze the evidence in your legend
 Include a conclusion that sums up your findings and addresses other possibilities or directions
 Provide a references page in MLA format

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