Purpose and central content The purpose is to practice one’s leadership in a sel

Purpose and central content
The purpose is to practice one’s leadership in a self-chosen subject area. Communication, collaboration and motivational factors within an organized activity.
Leadership at different levels, leadership styles and leadership roles. In connection with this, personal leadership development and how to utilize one’s own and others’ resources are treated.
You must plan and organize a workshop / activity. You are free to choose the content of your workshop and the time you have to plan for is at least 40-60 min (can also be a planning for a longer period that extends over several weeks with several activities). You must therefore come up with an activity for a group (can be a working group, class, sports team, etc.) that you plan and describe in text.
Planning includes a detailed descriiption of your workshop as well as your purpose and goals with the activity (based on the purpose and the central content above).
In the planning, you must also justify your choices, describe which problems may arise and which possible solutions you can see.
It is important that you adapt your planning and your leadership based on the group (you have different types of individuals in your group). You choose which individuals are in the group you are to lead (you can find individuals or use a real group or mix different individuals that you know).
Try to use models and theories that you learned in the course, explain these and use in your planning to adapt the activity and leadership to the intended group and its individuals. Think about and describe how to handle unexpected events such as absence, conflicts, changed conditions (both external and internal). Use situational leadership, conflict management, authoritarian leadership style, the circle of safety by Simon sinek “The why how and what” , relational leadership for a well written paper.
Remember to use as much leadership theories as you can and apply them to the chosen activity for a well written paper.
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