Paper Requirement:<<Student will participate in an ethnographic observat

Paper Requirement:<
Student will participate in an ethnographic observation during semester and then write a paper that applies course readings to their interpretation of these observation: <
1. Select a research site. Students should be familiar with the site and capable of transgender accomplishments of gendder for a total of 8 hrs. <
2. Observation site should be something similar to the student, easy, and safe to access.<
(I already have ideas in mind, so just please read my ideas and write a paper based on that). 7 pages<
Make sure to follow the prompts and instruction questions that are provided in the powerpoint.<
Make sure to include a literature review on the Doing Gender article and the Intersectionality article.<
Make sure to include content from observation notes 1 and 2 in the paper. Answer all the questions about the observation note in the powerpoint<
Observation note includes all the scenarios that I observed in the gym (the research location) where interactions between people with variety of gender, races, and classes. These situations need to be included in the research paper where a conclusion must be drawn based on the required literature. However, you can make up your own situation to make it easier for you to write (don’t have to necessarily follow my observation note to the tee), but make sure that those situations happened in the gym that I was doing my observations in the observation note. If you come up with your own situations, please make sure to be similar to the ones in my observation note (for example, keeping the gender, race, and class dynamics the same)<
There has to be a conclusion on the significance of the research and personal reflections on the research project. <
Required source need to be used : <
– Doing gender<
– What is Intersectionality<
– Doing gender, doing class<
– The barbie girls versus the Sea Monsters<

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