Paper 1 Prompts (choose one) Are placebos unethical? According to the Declaratio

Paper 1
Prompts (choose one)
Are placebos unethical? According to the Declaration of Helsinki, under what conditions are placebos are unethical? Is Angell right to be concerned that researchers may be trying to rollback moral principles in human clinical trials?
Writing Criteria
Length: 600 words minimum, excluding work cited page, name, date, etc. (~3 pages).
Format: Calibiri, 12 pt. font
Citations: As long as you are consistent you may use the citation style you are familiar with (APA, MLA, Chicago Style, etc.).
Sources: You must use a minimum of two sources (they may all come from the Vaughn textbook).
For example, you may cite the Vaughn reading from Paternalism and Autonomy (pp. 228-237) and Ackerman’s article “Why Doctors Should Intervene” (pp. 127-132).
Hint: A good ethics paper will engage with three things, (1) the prompt, (2) concepts and (3) moral theory (e.g., utilitarianism or Kantian ethics). Furthermore, you should clearly state your position in the opening paragraph. This could be that you agree, disagree, or that you take some other third approach.
Grading Rubric
Clear thesis statement
Clearly explains relevant concepts
Accurately outlines moral theories
Answers the question(s) in the paper prompt.
Clear argument supported by textual sources.
Spelling, grammar, and proper citations.
Things to Avoid
Fallacious Reasoning
Appeals to emotion, Anecdotal Data or Experiences, etc.
Do not fall into the trap of legal justification. This is an ethics paper, not a law paper.
A bad or late paper is better than no paper, but a plagiarized paper is inexcusable and may result in an F for the entire course.

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