or this exercise, we will go through what it takes to keep a budget while workin

or this exercise, we will go through what it takes to keep a budget while working full time on minimum wage. Please fill out the table below and answer a few reflection questions about minimum wages in the United States. For the reflection questions, please use complete sentences with appropriate grammar, punctation and spelling. Use APA citations for any information that is from external sources.
Using the U.S. Poverty Threshold Table, (Links to an external site.) pick the size of your household.
Using the table below, calculate the cost of living within your own community if you are working a minimum wage job. Check here for information on state minimum wages. (Links to an external site.)
If you decided to have a household with a pet, make sure to add expenses related to pet ownership such as pet food, veterinary bills, or monthly medication.
Decide what type of transportation you are using to get to work. Is public transportation available in your community? What is the cost for public transportation? If you want to include a car in your budget make sure you add car payments, car insurance and maintenance.
If you have picked a household with children, please include the costs associated with childcare.
Household size:
Expense CategoryExpense AmountRentRenter’s InsuranceUtilitiesPhoneInternetGroceriesHealth InsuranceHealthcareClothing
Is it possible to work full time and still live in poverty?
Is there money left over for saving (building wealth or a safety net?)
Is there money left over for social interactions (i.e. dinners out, movies with friends)?
What does this mean for economic mobility? Is minimum wage enough to combat poverty? How does this make you feel about safety net programs like SNAP?

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