Nurse and Patient Interaction

2. Discuss an interaction you observed between a nurse and a patient that you were particularly impressed with. What made this interaction successful and how do you think you might be able to incorporate that into your own practice
The interaction I observed was between my instructor and a patient, which was really helpful and educational.I was able to observe great communication, which incorporated the nursing process and care plan in just a few minutes.
When my instructor came to the unit and approached one of the patients in the unit, she introduced herself and started asking some questions to assess the patient’s condition. He stated that he has been admitted to the unit because of his manic episodes. After identifying the problem, she asked if he recognizes the triggers before the manic episodes begin. Since the patient was aware of the triggers, she then formulated a plan and directed the patient to notify the staff member whenever he recognized the early warning sign. I was amazed by observing this conversation, as I have never seen the nursing process come into life, especially in such a short conversation. Additionally, she ended the nursing intervention by using the teach-back method, to have the patient restate in his own words about the plan to foster the patient’s understanding of the plan. I was also able to observe non-verbal techniques such as the tone of voice, the pace of communication, eye contact, nodding of the head and being engaged, and actively listening techniques. This really makes a difference in the patient and makes him feel like he is being noticed.It was evident that the patient was interactive and cooperative during the conversation.
I have learned extensively about the nursing process through textbooks in theory, but I have never seen a full nursing process come into real life through patient interaction. Little did I know that the nursing process can happen in less than 5 minutes. It was a great experience, as I have learned professional ways of therapeutic communication techniques. Not only is it important to incorporate nursing process, but
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