Learning Goal: I’m working on a women’s studies writing question and need an exp

Learning Goal: I’m working on a women’s studies writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.At the end of chapter 4, there are 3 discussion questions, please respond to them. Your responses should include analysis and connections to the chapter readings (and other relevant course material including lectures, videos, films, etc.). Be specific when incorporating readings – state the title and author of the reading. No Works Cited or Reference page is needed.Length: 1-2 pages double-spaced (minimum 1 page; maximum 2 pages). *SubmitReading Responses in Word format only.Avoid using first-person throughout your paper. You may provide your opinion when specifically asked or at the end of the paper. Please avoid “I think,” “I feel,” and “I believe.” While your opinion matters, it is not what is asked for these assignments. The main point of the assignment is for you to engage with readings/to demonstrate your understanding of ideas and concepts by providing textual evidence. You are required to reference the readings. State specifically which readings you are discussing. The textbook is an anthology of articles and essays. There are multiple authors and readings, so it is critical that you reference each one that you are engaging in your papers.The required readings;1) Poetry is Not a Luxury2) Age, Race, Class, and Sex…3) White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack4) We have to Stop Thinking about Racism as Someone who Says the N Word5) What is Post-Colonial Feminism?6) REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS AND JUSTICE (Attached)7)Privilege, Inequality, and Intersectionality lecture (Attached)Sample is attached

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