Lay out your own Warehouse

Assignment Topic:
You will have to submit your own improved warehouse design starting with the example I showed you in the lecture.
How to create your assignment:
Before you begin, you will need to decide how you create the plans. My suggestion is to use a graphical program such as Google slides (free), PowerPoint, Keynote, or Visio (if you are really serious). Or you can simply draw it on a sheet of paper and take a picture of it.
How to submit:
You will be required to submit your assignment using an image file (jpg or png format). Make sure to include all the parts of the warehouse I included in my example:
1) dock doors
2) case lot/ fast mover section
3) bulk storage/ slow mover section
4) flow rack/ broken cases section
5) conveyor belt
6) sorter
7) packaging station
8) staging area
9) at least two miscellaneous areas (such as equipment storage and maintenance, and/or assembly, etc.)
There is no need to include additional technology or features.

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