INSTRUCTIONS: Pick a film or television show (minimum 3 episodes) that features

INSTRUCTIONS: Pick a film or television show (minimum 3 episodes) that features public safety professionals as the primary characters. This can include characters in law enforcement, fire protection, public health, or any other related profession. Your paper should review the film/show for content related to our course, and make explicit connections between the story and the course. Some ideas:
• Does the film substantively address any matters of race and public safety? How? Do you believe appropriate consideration is given to the topic? Do you see elements of any of the myths discussed in Pulled Over, such as “bad apples”? How are they portrayed? Are structural elements discussed at all?
• Do you see elements of therapeutic policing, cop wisdom, the neoliberal state, or other concepts defined by Stuart in the film? Are they portrayed in a positive or negative light? Who engages in them? Why? How might you interpret the actions of the characters differently now that you are familiar with these concepts?
• Does the film address the mental or physical health of public safety professionals? How are those issues portrayed? Do you see problems with that portrayal? How do you think public safety professionals might react to the film? Discuss how the film does or doesn’t consider the particular challenges of the public safety profession.
There is a list of potential films or shows on the following page, but you should feel free to explore outside of this list. So long as the main characters are public safety professionals, and you can provide an indication of the concepts you plan to discuss, it is highly likely I will approve your choice.
FORMATTING AND SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1” margins, double-spaced, standard spacing between letters. Your paper must be 1200-1500 words long, and you MUST include the word count at the top, along with your name.
Papers must be submitted in .doc format. If you utilize a different word processer, please plan to convert your work to .doc using a library or other public computer prior to submitting. Label the file using the following format: “Lastname_Titleofpaper”
My movie choice is one of the SWAT movies. I believe they are on hulu and netflix.

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