Instructions: After reading A Streetcar Named Desire and viewing clips of the fi

Instructions: After reading A Streetcar Named Desire and viewing clips of the film starring Marlon Brando and Vivian Leigh, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that promotes a new live-action film version of the play. You will select one famous individual (the individual does not have to be an actor or actress) that is currently living to play the role of the following characters in the play:
1) Stanley Kowalski, 2) Stella Kowalski, 3) Blanche DuBois, 4) Harold Mitchell, 5) Eunice Hull, and 6) Steve Hull.
Your PowerPoint must contain the following:
A title slide that contains a picture of the play’s original setting, a catchy title for the presentation, your name, instructor, class, and date.
6 content slides (one for each character mentioned above)
Each slide should contain:
A. Three properly cited quotes from play that accurately describe the character.
B. An image of the living individual that will play the role of the character in the new film.
C. Any image taken/used from other sources will need to be cited in MLA format on a Works Cited slide at the end of the presentation.
Note: The image can be used as the background of the slide or as an image inserted on the slide. In either case, make sure the information on the slide is clearly visible and easy to read. Always have contrasting text (light text on dark backgrounds or dark text on light backgrounds).
D. A brief (2-3 sentences) explanation of why the selected individual would best portray the character in the fil
3. Proper grammar and organization.

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