If you are confused about anything just text me or email me.<Make up your ow

If you are confused about anything just text me or email me.<
Make up your own 10 questions that relates to chapter four of the book and answer them and then a three page essay.<
Summary <
Interview someone you know about what you’ve learned from Chapter Four of Taylor’s book From #BLM to Black <
Liberation. The interview will be a conversation based on ten questions you create. Think of these questions as conversation starters. The interview write-up will be three pages long answering three questions: Who did you interview and why? What three things did<
you talk about? What did you learn from your interview?<
Due Date: Fri (12-10) by 11:59 pm. DropBox on D2L.<
Detailed Instructions <
1. Part one: Who are you interviewing and why? In approximately one page (around 250 words) explain <
who you are interviewing and why you chose them. (25pts)<
2. Part two: What were the three most important themes of our conversation? In approximately one page <
(around 250 words) explain three main themes you discussed with your interviewee. (25 pts)<
3. Part three: Reflect on what you learned about your interviewee. In approximately one page (around 250<
words) reflect on what you learned from your interviewee. (25pts)<
4. Appendix. Write out your ten questions. Write out your interviewee’s answers to your ten questions. <
Indicate which page in Taylor your questions came from. Summarize your interviewee’s answers in <
three sentences per question. (25pts)<
Format <
Typed, double-spaced, works cited page required, use MLA or APA formatting style. Use in-text citations. No title <
page is required. While the primary purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the critical thinking ability of the <
student, written expression is also important and will be considered in the grading rubric. If the writing contains <
multiple grammatical, spelling, and usage errors, points will be deducted. <
Guide for In-text Citations: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/in_text_citations_the_basics.html

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