I have to publicly advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in a chicago style white paper. Se

I have to publicly advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in a chicago style white paper.
See attached: What I already wrote & bibliography for presentation I did, as well as the outline for that. Thank you
To mirror a variety of real world public policy advocacy situations, students will participate in a multi-faceted culminating project that identifies and advocates for a specific public policy solution to a contemporary public policy problem. Students will submit short background papers on their topic, and they will present VIDEO “testimony” for their public policy to members of the class. These audience members will represent specific stakeholders and interest groups with various different perspectives (for, neutral, and against) on your specific public policy issue/solution. Following this presentation, the panel will ask the student presenting questions, and the presenter is expected to answer those questions cogently, clearly, and effectively.
Capstone Background Paper [100 points]
Students will research and write a “white paper” that analyzes a specific contemporary public policy issue and proposes a specific solution to that issue. Your paper must be submitted electronically to the turnitin.com portal attached to this online assignment by the specified due date.
Assignments guidelines for the White Paper:
A white paper should put forward the results of your research and your recommendations regarding the public policy issue that you are examining.
Your overall focus should be the public policy problem and solution.
The white paper itself should be between 5 and 7 pages, double-spaced, in line with Chicago style guidelines for format and documentation. The cover page, executive summary, reference list, and appendices do NOT count toward the 5 to 7 page limit.
You should apply information that you have obtained from at least seven credible references (including interviews and a survey, if possible/relevant). References can be incorporated into multiple sections (background, alternative solutions, recommendations, etc.)
Helpful infographics or other illustrations may be included in the appendix.
Assignment Organization
Cover page with your name, date, Course name and number, the assignment title, and a catchy title for your White Paper (Does not count toward 5-7 page limit)
An executive summary (one-half-page maximum—ONLY this section should be single spaced–Does not count toward 5-7 page limit)
The paper itself–5-7 pages total
Catchy introduction
Relevant background information;
A clear articulation of the problem, the stakeholders, and resources it affects;
Different perspectives related to the problem, and alternative solutions;
Your recommendations and the reasons for them, including qualitative and quantitative evidence supporting your reasons for your recommendations;
A list of references (Does not count toward 5-7 page limit)
Appendices and supplementary material (Does not count toward 5-7 page limit)

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