Watch the video in the link and then write the pape

Watch the video in the link and then write the paper by answering the following questions:
1) We may assume that Chescaleigh created this video to help viewers understand privilege and the importance of valuing differences and other people’s experiences. How well does the video accomplish its goal? What aspects of the video work particularly well? Why? What might you have changed if you’d had the opportunity? Why?
2) With its cartoonish drawings in bright colors and its simple narrative, Chescaleigh’s video is probably directed at children, right? Or is it? Who is Chescaleigh’s intended audience? Why do you think so?
3)As Chescaleigh notes, sometimes you’re the caterpillar and sometimes you’re the snail; that is, someone without your own specific challenges may never have to consider what you have to be conscious of all day, every day. Write a simple story of a caterpillar and a snail (or a butterfly, or an elephant) that addresses some element of your daily life that other people may not always be sensitive to. Give your story a happy ending.

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