For this homework assignment students must choose a social issue to investigate

For this homework assignment students must choose a social issue to investigate and report on in <br />a 3-5 page critical discussion paper. Students are required to define and describe the social issue <br />including the causes and consequences as well as “social action” aimed at address the issue <br />(organized attempts by a group, program, social movement, etc. to address and identify solutions <br />to the issue). <br />Use the following directions and guidelines to complete the assignment (and let me know as <br />soon as possible if you have any questions!):<br />Part I: Defining and Describing the Social Issue <br />? Choose a social issue (macro trends that stem from social structure and shape individual <br />lives) <br />o Examples: domestic violence, unequal access to quality education, food <br />deserts/food insecurity, global poverty<br />? Relying on relevant and current literature, reports, data trends, etc. (including a minimum <br />of 7 credible sources) students provide a definition and description of the social issue <br />(this will be the first half of the paper).<br />o Feel free to use resources from the course modules<br />Part II: Discuss a “Social Action” Addressing the Issue <br />The second half of the paper/written discussion must describe and discuss a “social action” <br />aimed at seeking and implementing solutions at the micro or macro level of society. <br />A “social action” includes organizations (including non-profit and advocacy groups), <br />policies/programs, and/or social movements working to raise awareness, address policy or law, <br />provide resources, and pursue activities address the social issue. (Examples: National Coalition <br />Against Domestic Violence; Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality)<br />Consider the following when discussing the “social action” <br />o What is the history or context of the policy, program, organization, or movement? <br />o Discuss activities and/or efforts aimed at addressing the issue <br />o What are the effects or impact of the social action so far? Have their goals or <br />activities changed or adapted over time? If so, why?<br />Part III: Other things to consider when writing your paper:<br />? Be sure to discuss why it is important to address the social issue, not only for those <br />directly affected but for society as a whole.<br />? Include an introduction and conclusion.<br />? Provide in-text citation and include a reference list<br />? Papers should be 3-5 pages of written discussion, double spaced, 11-12 point font, 1 inch <br />margins, page numbers.

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