First, you examined the background information and available evidence provided b

First, you examined the background information and available
evidence provided by Nick Bay, SVP of Marketing, and determined that the
problems associated with inaccurate readings using the monitor were due to consumers misusing the device in the
Next, you worked with Nick Bay, VP of Marketing, on how to
allocate the emergency marketing expenditure authorized by the Board. You
determined spending amounts for updating packaging instructions and initiating
a communication campaign with our doctors. In total, you spent $5,000.00 on packaging and $8,000.00
on communication campaigns across initiatives.
Then, you worked directly with myself and the VPs of Marketing
and Operations to prevent layoffs by shipping a replacement device to users.
Finally, you worked with Rich Montella, Engineering Manager, to
investigate customers’ problems syncing their glucose meters to their
smartphones. You helped identify that approximately 5% of
smartphone-using customers wait a month between syncing their readings.
At this point, we need to hold a press conference and address
mounting questions about this unfolding situation. The public wants some
answers. I have communicated to the press several times during this crisis, but
the time has come for another significant push in terms of external
What should we tell the media? How can we avoid a public
relations fiasco, given the fact that much time has transpired without full
resolution? Think about our many constituents (customers, healthcare
professionals, insurers, government regulators, and shareholders), and craft an
opening statement for the press conference. I would like your recommendations
on what I should say to the public. I would like to hold this press conference
tomorrow morning. Please send me a draft of these opening comments as soon as

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