English B Annotated Bibliography Fall 2021 MWF Rough Draft Due: 10/29 Final Dr

English B Annotated Bibliography Fall 2021 MWF
Rough Draft Due: 10/29
Final Draft Due: 11/5
Now that you are collecting sources for your research paper, you will prepare an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a reference page in MLA format that includes an annotation summarizing each source and assessing that source’s relevance to your research. You will also rate each source according to your
determined criteria, which you will be sharing. You will use these sources to develop your research question for your research paper.
Additional Resources to Find Sources

Folklore and Folklife

Organization and Development
Your annotated bibliography will consist of 6-8 sources. Your research should present your audience with a clear overview of important positions concerning your chosen the folktale text you and should cover all of the major voices and viewpoints that you intend to include in your research paper. Refer to the Final Research Paper Prompt for information on possible topics and thesis examples. You will compare two primary texts
(urban legend, rumor, fairy tale, etc.), examine their rhetorical context, analyze how they present their narrative, and use it to reinforce your thesis. You may build off of the prior assignments, but you want your thesis to be more comprehensive.
Consider these questions: What are you going to argue? Why is your chosen text relevant and how does its narrator reinforce its rhetoric? What positions do your secondary sources take? What is your position, i.e. what are you arguing? What is your stance on the meaning and persuasive elements of your chosen primary texts? What do your texts say about contemporary society?
Required Sources and Information
Your sources must include two scholarly journal articles, one scholarly book, and one primary source (interview/survey/etc.) along with any other sources you want to include. You are allowed to include readings from class.
The bibliography will consist of four parts:
 An introduction to your topic with your potential research question (300-500 words)
 An annotated bibliography of your secondary sources (100-250 words per annotation)
with your ratings
 A breakdown of the criteria used to evaluate your sources
In the bibliography, each annotation should:
 Summarize each source objectively
 Analyze the usefulness of each source critically
 Evaluate each source according to the agreed-upon criteria
 Be roughly 100-250 words per source.
Consider your bibliography as a resource for others to read if they are interested in researching the same topic.
Your bibliography is worth 200 points.

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