Compose an academic comparison/contrast essay of approximately 2 ½ to three page

Compose an academic comparison/contrast essay of approximately 2 ½ to three pages (five- to six paragraphs) on the following options:
Option: Compare and/or contrast two or three components of your definition of love with one of the authors from our Love readings
Sample thesis: Pinker’s definition of love is flawed in two ways: his emphasis on irrationality and failure to acknowledge the importance of companionate love.
Notice how the student writer did not use first-person point of view, yet her view was still expressed in that thesis. Do not use first- or second-person point of view in this essay —-e.g.,“I believe,” “I think,” “I feel,” etc. Just state your belief firmly, and it will be clear that it is your belief without referring to yourself. Do not use personal examples in this essay.
AUDIENCE: College community (faculty, students, etc.)
PURPOSE: To persuade the audience of your thesis
For both options . . .
INTRODUCTION: As with any introduction for an essay in which readings will be discussed, indicate the author’s full name and the title of the reading well before you get to the thesis sentence.
ORGANIZATION: How you organize your essay and the number of paragraphs (five or six) will depend on how much space you need to prove your points (but remember that a minimum of five paragraphs is required). Consult the Compare/Contrast lecture to see your organizational options.
CITING: To cite in-text for non-fiction readings, use the author’s last name in a signal phrase within the sentence and cite the page number at the end of the sentence.
To cite a poem within your paper, cite the line numbers at the end of each sentence that quotes or summarizes part of the poem.
Avoid these common mistakes:
Do not use sources other than the readings.
Do not use personal examples or first-person point of view (i.e., I, me, my, mine, etc.). Keep the focus on the readings. Use third-person point of view only.
Do not merely unnecessarily summarize. Essays that are mainly summarizing will earn a failing grade.
Reading: Crazy Love by Steven Pinker,33009,1704692,00.html

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