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monte carlo

This report shall be divided into 3 main section 1- mathematical/analytical explanation of the monte carlo. in this section it is expected to show the mathematical derivation reaching equations and mathematical examples. 2- Simulation of monte carlo using excel. in … Continue reading

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Respond Letter

This exercise will allow you to consider channel and persuasion and continues our discussion of writing that was started during class and in Forum 1. In this Forum, you will respond directly to an email composed for Forum 1 by … Continue reading

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Research Techniques

As shown in the textbook and online readings, you have three primary techniques of using materials from sources: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing. Quoting is using information word for word, punctuation for pumctuation exactly the same as the original source. For … Continue reading

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Curiosity Collection Part 1: Compiling the Collection

In Unit 3, you read about “Curiosity Collections” which were, in fact, the earliest museums. In this assignment we are going to create a virtual “curiosity collection” by submitting “artifacts” (images) to the Curiosity Collection Discussion Board. Imagine that we, … Continue reading

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Research Activity Part 2–Conduct Survey and Post Raw Data

With a final survey in place, take the questions and conduct 10 surveys. You may choose to survey people you know or total strangers if you account for the type of sample (group of people) you use. The results of … Continue reading

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Writer’s Choice

Directions Choose ONE topic from the list below and write a well-thought and sourced paper. Papers must be at least two full pages (typed, 12-pt font Times New Roman, double-spaced, standard (default) margins). Please choose between MLA or APA formatting … Continue reading

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Three channels of communication

I attached the document that provides all instructions. Please follow Roman numeral three which is how you will organize the essay. As you can see in the attachment there are pages you need to read. I will provide the link … Continue reading

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Writer’s choice

**Whatever option you decide to go with, I can provide the book pages (images) and the documents of the theories You can choose to write this assignment on either Hanna’s article (Reader Response) or Howard’s article (Structuralism). Just pick ONE. … Continue reading

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The Faerie Queene

After reading the complete text of The Faerie Queene, answer the questions from our textbook on page 1051 in this discussion board. Be sure you answer in complete sentences and use at least two (2) quotes from the text to … Continue reading

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Improving medication adherence in patient with schizophrenia

This a Phenomenon of Interest (POI) and Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Guideline/Position Statement Paper. On “Improving medication adherence in patient with schizophrenia”. 1. Please read attachments for the FULL instructions/ rubric. 2. For Step 4 Tool Completion: Please fill out … Continue reading

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