case study You are a Homeless Outreach Support worker for CAAPS Aboriginal Corp

case study
You are a Homeless Outreach Support worker for CAAPS Aboriginal Corporation, working with the CAAPS Homelessness Outreach Support (HOS) Program that supports those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and their families.
Your primary objective is to assist clients to access mainstream agencies to secure or maintain stable accommodation. Another key focus of your work is the positive engagement during outreach with those who are homeless in Darwin and Palmerston.
You have been allocated a family that consists of a mother (Kirra), son (Yarran), and daughter (Marli). The mother has been a victim of domestic violence from her partner for the last five years and she is reluctant to discuss this due to stigma and shame. Kirra has now left her partner and is seeking help through CAAPS Homeless Outreach Support Program. Kirra presents with visual bruising on her face, arms and legs and she disclosed that her partner had recently threatened to beat their 10-year-old son Yarran. Kirra has left her partner in hope to keep her children safe but is very scared that they may be taken off her. Marli (14yrs old) has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and does not seem to be coping well now.
All three family members look tired and undernourished
This research assignment is in three parts
Part 1 – Read the case study and outline the following.
How did Colonisation impact Indigenous Australians (including the Lost Generation)?
Why is it important to understand Indigenous Australian culture when working with these consumers?
What are the risk and protective factors for Aboriginal mental health?
Part 2 – Research
Apply critical thinking and judgement in identifying appropriate help and supports suitable for Kirra’s, Yarran and Marli’s needs. Name the supports and interventions that you will use and explain your choices.
Part 3 – Critical Reflection
You have been working with Kirra’s family now for three weeks and Marli has said that she is feeling sad and lonely and that the counselling she has received isn’t working. You seek advice from your supervisor and now reflect on your decisions and consider what other options may have been available and add them as a report.
You must use APA 7 referencing. Your report should include at least 5 (scholarly) journal articles read, in addition to any textbook references. The format and content of your report will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials.
Do NOT utilize sources such as and other such web materials as these in no way constitute academic references for your assignment.

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