Assignment – Policy adoption, implementation, post-implementation and Evaluation

Assignment – Policy adoption, implementation, post-implementation and Evaluation
Instructions for Unit 6 & 7 Individual Summative Assignment:
South Africa is facing what appears to be a crisis in the production and distribution of electricity. To address this, consideration has been given to: the implementation of a new licensing threshold for embedded generation projects; and the procurement of renewable energy projects rather than coal power. As part of the COP 26 climate change conference loan finances have also been agreed for South Africa to move away from fossil fuels. However, there appear to be conflicting approaches adopted by government, with the minister of energy and mineral resources defending energy generation using fossil fuels and attempting to build momentum for the use of Powerships for emergency power production to address load-shedding. The CEO of Eskom has however raised concerns that power stations are being deliberately sabotaged to harm the power grid and to drive up the need for emergency power production.
You form part of an energy policy task team advising the Minister of Public Enterprises on an approach to achieve the adoption of the workable energy policy going forward, which includes stabilising Eskom. While the various policies appear to be formally adopted by Government, their implementation appears far from clear.
The Minister has therefore asked your team to produce a technical memorandum addressing the following:
• First, perform a brief situation analysis to clarify the current state of the policy process;
• Second, clarify the potential stakeholders who may strongly influence the adoption of a sustainable policy framework;
• Third, propose a process and associated measures that could lead to the successful adoption and implementation of the sustainable energy policy framework; and
• Fourth, identify specific risks in the policy process that could lead to policy failure.
While you have been provided with a very specific policy context, the assignment does not seek to test your knowledge of energy policy.
The assignment does however seek to examine your understanding of the overall module content and your ability to apply it to a practical context. You are however free to draw on the context, including actual published material, to strengthen your assignment.

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