Argumentation-Persuasion Research an international, national or local topic/cont

Research an international, national or local topic/controversy that interests you, then write an essay that argues a point and/or persuades the reader to take action using the three factors of Greek logic: logos, pathos, and ethos.
1. Your essay must contain a clear thesis that includes your limited subject and your POV on that subject.
2. You must acknowledge the opposition. Do not ignore any arguments that counter your own. Show that you’re a reasonable person who is open-minded enough to see the other side, then attempt to discredit it. You avoid committing logical fallacies. This creates a sound argument (logos).
3. You utilize writing techniques developed in this class (narrative, compare/contrast, cause/effect, etc.), write in an appropriate tone of voice, and use figurative language to create emotional power (pathos) in your argument.
Research Requirement: Your essay must include some element of primary research — an interview or survey you conduct, statistics you accumulate, etc. — and at least five (5) legitimate secondary sources, two of which must be text-based and one of which must be from a peer-reviewed academic source. Your evidence presents strong details that support your claims. (This is your credibility (ethos).)
No more than 10% of your paper can be direct quotations. Your citations must be woven seamlessly with your own ideas. Your Works Cited page is present and correctly formatted. All direct quotes and paraphrases throughout essay are parenthetically cited. Parenthetical citations match up with the first word of a Works Cited entry.
Length requirement: Write 5-7 pages, formatted per MLA guidelines outlined in the syllabus and with your name, header, and title similar to those at the top of this assignment. This means your essay must at least extend onto a sixth page. Works Cited page does not count as a page for the purpose of this length requirement.

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